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Your support network goes far beyond the Lower Mainland Down Syndrome Society.
There are hundreds of regional, national, and international organizations, foundations, and resource centres dedicated to providing information, support, and advice about Down Syndrome. Click away!

Canadian National Organizations

Down Syndrome Resource Foundation and Resource Centre (DSRF)
Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS)

Canadian Regional Organizations

Down Syndrome Association of Metropolitan Toronto
Down Syndrome Association of Ontario
Manitoba Down Syndrome Society
Calgary Down Syndrome Association
Newfoundland And Labrador Down Syndrome Society
Assoc. du Syndrome de Down de L’estrie (Quebec)

US National Organizations

National Down Syndrome Society
Association for Children with Down Syndrome
National Association for Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome Clinics in the US

Internet Magazine

Down Syndrome Quarterly (a multi-disciplinary journal)
Down Syndrome Amongst Us
Ohrenkuss, a German magazine by people with DS

Educational/Behavioral Sites

Education Watch: Monitoring Progress Toward Inclusive Education
Love and Learning: Reading and Language Development
Brookes Publishing Company
Beyond the Box Basics: Professional Development for Educators and Parents
The Down Syndrome Educational Trust

Medical Resources

Hearing And Vision Loss Associated with Down syndrome
Down Syndrome: Health Issues
Growth Charts for Children with Down Syndrome
Down’s Heart Group
Developmental Disabilities and Oral Health
Dental Conditions Associated with Physical Disabilities
Effects of Medications on Oral Health
Oral Care – Cleaning Costs
Oral Care – Veneers
Oral Care – Dentures
Oral Care – Canker Sores
Oral Care – Dry Sockets


National Association for Down Syndrome
Family friendly Fun Ideas: For families with disabilities
Down Syndrome Education International
Western Society for Children
Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN)
Registered Disability Savings Plan
STEPS FORWARD – Inclusive Post Secondary Education Society
ACT – Autism Community Training
School District 43
District 43 Parents Advisory Committee (DPAC)
School District 40
Family Support Institute
Variety Club
Vancouver Foundation
Anxiety BC
Special Olympics BC
Community Living BC
Ministry of Child and Family Development (section for children & youth with special needs)
Easter Seals Kid’s Camps
Thompson Nicola Ups and Downs Society
Kids Up Front
findSupport BC
Cerebral Palsy Guide
Teaching Children With ADHD
Teaching Individuals With Down Syndrome
Diamond Learning Centre
Cerebral Palsy Group
We Love Lucy Society Weighted Blankets, Kelowna, BC
ARK Therapeutic Services
Cerebral Palsy Guidance
15 Behaviour Strategies for Children on the Autism Spectrum
How to Create a Backyard Sanctuary for Kids With Disabilities
For Educators: Strategies for Working With Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
Helping Asperger’s Teens to Survive and Thrive: 15 Key Steps
Creating a Home Atmosphere of Solitude to Help Cope with Adult Autism
How to Help Your Child with Autism Overcome Picky Eating
The Ultimate Guide to Improving Sleep in Autistic Children
How to Help Your Child With Autism Cope During and After a Move
20 Tips for Keeping Your Child With Special Needs Safe in Your Home
Banishing the Babysitting Blues
Travel Tips for Children With Autism
Helping Autistic Children Get a Good Night’s Sleep
The Relationship Between ADHD and Sleep Deprivation
How to Make a Bedroom Accessible for Disabilities
Ultimate Guide to Home Remodelling for People with Disabilities
A Practical Guide to Home and Classroom Sensory Activities for Autistic Children
How to Travel Stress-Free When Your Child Has Autism
How to Create the Ultimate Playroom for a Child With Autism
How to Choose a Summer Camp for Your Child With Autism
Helping Your Child With Socialization
Supporting Students with Autism: 10 Ideas for Inclusive Classrooms
Enhancing Well-Being and Happiness for People With ASD Through Fine Arts
Sleep and Autism
Planning Trips for Children with Autism (blog)
Medication Management for People with intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Life Journey Through Autism: A Guide to Safety
Autism Family Safety Handbook
Emergency And Disaster Preparedness Guidebook
Kitchen safety for children with autism
MAKING HOMES THAT WORK: A Resource Guide for Families Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder + Co-occurring Behaviors
Home Ownership for People with Disabilities
The Full Guide to Flying with a Disability
Home Safety for Children with Autism
Down Syndrome Sleep Challenges
How to Explain Autism to Children
Creating the Ultimate Sensory Room for Your Toddler
Top Safety Tips and Products for Kids With Autism
How to Stop Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from Wandering
How Nutrition Impacts Children With Autism
12 Popular Games Adapted for Children with Autism
18 Social Skills Activities for Kids with Autism and Sensory Issues
Tips for Speech Therapy at Home for Children with Autism
Developmental Disabilities and Oral Health
Dental Conditions Associated with Physical Disabilities
Effects of Medications on Oral Health
How to Get a Service Dog: A Practical Guide
Parent’s Guide to Dental Health From Pregnancy to Young Adulthood
Sensory Overload Guide
Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sleep
Understanding the Benefits of Pets for Kids
The Ultimate Resource Guide for STEM Students with Autism
The Complete Guide to Sleep Regression
A Guide to Sleep Problems with Down Syndrome and How to Overcome Them
Less Screen, More Green: Outdoor Safety Tips for Kids
Guide to Sensory Overload
Physical Disabilities and Oral Health
A Homeowner’s Guide to Creating a Sensory-Friendly Space for Individuals with Sensory Processing Disorders
A Guide to Flying for People with Disabilities
Fully Accessible Guide to Accessible and Inclusive Playgrounds and Playsets
Jobs and Careers for People with Autism (2021)
Utilizing Mobile Technology for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Teaching Strategies for ASD Children: Why the TEACCH Method Works
Helping Children with Special Needs Transition into Kindergarten
Service Animals and International Travel Guide
Dementia – Causes, Symptoms, Treatments, and Other Remedies
Resources for Speech and Language Therapy
How to Improve Sleep Time & Quality in Autistic Children
Autism Resources & Help (For Parents, Teachers & More)
Parent’s Guide: So Your Child Has Been Diagnosed With Autism…
Navigating the Teen Years: Some Tips for Parents in Moving Forward
How to Help Your Autistic Child Learn at Home
How to calm anxiety
Guide to Accessible Event Planning
How to Talk to Someone with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Memory Loss
Moving with Children with Disabilities: Tips and Advice for Easing Transitions
Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder (DS-ASD)
Electric Cars and Accessibility: What Drivers with Disabilities Need to Know
A Neurotypical’s Guide to Speaking to Someone with Autism
How to Teach Children About Disabilities and Inclusion
AIDE Canada – Sibling Collection
Neurodiversity in the Modern Workplace
Preparing Your Home for Extreme Weather: A Guide for People With Disabilities
Travel Accessibility and Tips for Travellers with Disabilities
Medication management for people with Down syndrome
Accessibility and video games: All ages gaming for people with disabilities
Disabilities and Weight Gain – A Guide to Studies and Data
The Definitive Guide to Disability Inclusion in the Workplace
Post-Secondary Education Programs for Individuals with Autism or Intellectual Disabilities
100+ Home Modifications for People with Disabilities
7 Ways Employers Can Attract Candidates with Disabilities
Pacific Medical Training: Autism Spectrum Disorder
How to Help Your Dyslexic Teen Stay On Top of Their Studies
How to Design a Home for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
College Guide for Students with Disabilities and Their Parents
Oral Care Tips for Dementia Caregivers
Establishing a Bedtime Routine for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Career Guide for People with Disabilities
A Guide to Car Accessibility and Modifications for Drivers With Disabilities

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