There’s nothing more important than building a diverse workplace. Diversity can come in many forms, but one of the most vital ways to diversify your workplace is to hire employees of various abilities and disabilities. If you’re not sure how to attract these candidates, consider these tips.

1 – Understand the Workforce

In order to effectively attract job candidates with disabilities, you should take the time to understand the challenges that they face. According to statistics, only about 19% of people with disabilities are employed. This figure illustrates the fact that many job candidates with disabilities are unable to find positions that are compatible with their skills and needs.

2 – Create a Clear Job Description

If you hope to address the inequalities that job seekers with disabilities face, you can start by drafting a clear and accurate job description. This will help candidates of all abilities assess whether the position is a good fit. Your description should include the primary responsibilities of the role, the minimum requirements, and the compensation. Be sure to update the posting if any of these details change.

3 – Budget for Accommodations

It’s also important for employers to work accommodations into their budget. Sometimes an employee may need an assistive device in order to complete their work, and if the accommodation is reasonable, employers are legally required to oblige.

4 – Offer Opportunities for Advancement

Just like any other professional in the workforce, job seekers with disabilities want to find jobs that have the potential for growth. Nobody wants to be stuck in a stagnant position, but too often, this is the fate that people with disabilities must face. You can reduce the problem by providing a clear track for advancement.

5 – Work With a BPO Agency

If you’re having trouble finding the right candidates but you remain committed to diversifying your workforce, you may benefit from contracting a business process outsourcing agency. A BPO agency can take over recruiting and help you find qualified professionals, such as virtual assistants. Before you agree to work with a BPO provider, you can check out these companies, look at their reviews, and compare their rates with other providers.

6 – Build an Inclusive Workplace Culture

No matter how much effort you put into recruiting candidates with disabilities, it will be rendered meaningless if you do not also build an inclusive environment. Hiring somebody isn’t enough — you need to make them feel welcome, too. You can do this by providing diversity training to your entire staff and reminding employees to value each other. Fostering positivity will pay off.

7 – Make Sure Your Site Is Disability-Friendly

Many job candidates with disabilities use assistive technology such as screen readers to access online content. If you are hoping to recruit candidates with disabilities, your site must have the necessary accommodations. Invest in an accessibility audit to ensure that your site is disability-friendly.

Attract Employees for a Diverse Workforce

Your workforce is your business’s most essential resource, and when you invest in diversity, you invest in success. Having a staff that includes individuals with disabilities can help to encourage empathy among your employees, and more importantly, it can help you connect with qualified candidates that other employers may overlook. Work with a BPO agency to find the top candidates for your open positions.