Our LMDSS Staff

The Lower Mainland Down Syndrome Society is very honoured to have Theresa Preston working for us as our General Manager/Executor Director.
Theresa has been with the society since the beginning in 1989 and is one of our founding families.
In her day to day routine she wears the many hats of our society and carries out a large assortment of duties,which is what it takes to run our society (event planner, fundraiser,programs coordinator,outreach support worker, public relation,social media, marketing,parent networking group coordinator, community liaison,resource expert, CDSS Affiliate coordinator, and the list continues).

Theresa is also a parent of a young lady with Down Syndrome, and is involved in her community, as well as with other organization, and societies.
In all of this she still finds time to volunteer in many areas and her energy, passion, and dedication is truly beyond amazing. She makes the running of our society look like a walk in the park.

Although Theresa has been presented with many awards, certificates,and diplomas over her years in this field, she is not one to put any importance on her accomplishments, and always put supporting and serving families first.