LMDSS Programs

LMDSS Programs are divided into 2 umbrellas, Health & Education and Community Support, both for which we apply for  funding.

If you are interested in attending a program check our calendar or contact us with your interest.  If there are other programs that you would like to see offered please let us know your ideas.

Health & Education have include workshops such as:
– Bike Camp
– Dance Fit
– Employment Services
– Music Therapy
– Occupational Therapy
– Problematic Feeding Behaviours
– Reading & Math Program
– Registered Disability Savings Plans
– Sexuality Classes
– Sibling Support
– Signing
– Speech
– Sport Camp
– Summer Camp
– Swimming Camp
– Toilet training
– Tomatis Sound Therapy
– Transition planning
– Wills and Estate planning

Community Support includes Social Activities such as:
– Adults Connect
– Christmas Party
– Family Fun Days
– New Parent Packages
– Out Reach Support
– Parent Networking Groups
– Youth Group

Adults Connect: An opportunity for adults 19+ to make friends within the DS community and to spend time away from parents and caregivers (if able) in a fun activity.

Bike Camp:  We partnered with Pedalheads & Variety – the Children’s Charity, to teach children and young adults to ride a bike in a safe manner.

Christmas Party:  A wonderful opportunity to break bread with fellow members of LMDSS, dance a little and open presents and have some fun.

Dance Fit: Exercises to up beat and modern music

Employment Services: Helping families to connect with employment opportunities for their loved ones.

Family Fun Days:  An opportunity for families as a whole to attend an activity together and learn or have fun and meet other families.

Financial Planning: We offer the support to help families learn of their options so they are able to save for their loved ones.

Music Therapy:  Music Therapy touches so many areas of development such as oral and motor skills, speech and language, social stories, Physical and Kinesthetic, balance, sensory experiences, Psychological, improve self esteem, “Theory of mind” – the idea that others have different thoughts, group basics (i.e. turn taking, joint attention, concepts, numbers, letters, site words, pre-literacy –visual tracking.

New Parent Packages:  Professionals, hospitals, support workers and families alike can contact us to obtain an information package to help with the early questions and concerns.

Occupational Therapy: We provide support and assistances for your family member with special abilities.

Out Reach Support Group: A group of trained individuals that meet with families requiring support for a variety of reasons.

Parent Networking Groups:  Provides an opportunity for parents to meet, share common concerns, learn new skills or be informed on matters that concern individual families.

Problematic Feeding Behaviours: The presentation begins with a brief discussion on what is  a feeding problem and how it begins, followed by case study examples for three major feeding issues, selective eating, inability to chew, and tube dependence.

Reading & Math Program: These skills and resources will be used to help improve your child/adult reading and math abilities and will help to bring them to the next level.

Registered Disability Savings Plans: an introduction to the benefits of various plans

Sexuality Classes: Classes are designed for children, and adults with special abilities, their parents, and caregivers, or support staff. Classes will cover body changes, hygiene, puberty, safer sex, abuse prevention, exploitation prevention, and healthy relationships.

Sibling Support: We help to connect and support siblings to better understand their siblings with special abilities.

Signing: We provide classes and workshops to help support communication between family members.

Speech:Workshops and support are provided to families to provide communciation skills to their family members with special abilities.

Toilet Training: Workshops and support are provided to parents, caregivers, and professioanl to help bring independence.

Tomatis Sound Therapy: The Tomatis Method is a pedagogical method used to improve the listening of a person whose hearing functions correctly. … We say that the brain puts itself in the listening position. Sound is transmitted through air via the ear canal. It is also transmitted by a vibration at the top of the headset.

Transition planning: We offer support, workshops, and classes on the different stages of transitions for your family member with special abilities.

Wills and Estate planning: Workshops and classes are provided to under family members understand the importance of having a will,and how to plan for the future.

Youth Group: An opportunity for youth (11 – 18) and adults to participate in a fun activity and gain friendships within the DS community

Other Services & Support
– Certified Counsellor  (RCC / CCC)
– Dream Riders Bikes for loan
– School presentations and IEP meetings with parents and educators to help set up programs for students
– Presentations to other Societies and public awareness events to promote education and awareness
– Provide information and resources for local college and university medical, dental, and healthcare students
– Provide information and support to Professionals such as educators and medical staff
– Support families immigrating to Canada
– Support families in crisis to get services required
– Support families to be able to take part in LMDSS programs or other community programs
– A Library of books, movies, music and other learning resources
– Monthly newsletter to inform and educate members




Health & Education:

Reading and Math Workshop
Date: Oct 2nd – Dec 6, 2018
Days – Tuesdays and Thursdays
Time: 3:40 – 4:40 and 4:40 – 5:40
Location: Office
Cost:10.00 per I hour session
Registration is required.
Email for confirmation.

Community Support:


29th Annual Christmas Party

Date: November 24th,2018

Location – Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club

Details to follow


LMDSS Parent
Networking Groups:

To attend any of the Parent Networking Groups
you must register
either by phone 604-591-2722,
or email at info@lmdss.com.
If you require childcare
you must inform us
at registration.

Topic: Come see the new office
Date: October 4th
Time: 6:30
Location: Office
Cost: Free 

Topic: TBA

Topic: TBA


Topic: TBA


Topic: TBA

Adults Connect (ages 19+)
Event: TBA

Youth Group (10+)
Event: TBA


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