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Down Syndrome Connection

If applicable, by telling us about your connection with Down syndrome you can help us set goals for the Society, develop services, and connect you with members who share your concerns. Providing the following information is voluntary and is kept confidential.

  1. Are you a Self-Advocate with Down syndrome?
  2. Do you have a child or children with Down syndrome?

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    If not, please tell us why you are interested in Down syndrome (eg.: grandparent, teacher, teaching assistant, friend, doctor, nurse, etc...)
    Do you have other children?

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  3. Are you concerned about any medical issues? (eg: hearing loss, vision, speech, etc...)
  4. Are you concerned about other issues relating to Down syndrome? (eg: preschool, transition between schools, life planning, employment opportunities, etc...)
  5. Can we contact you if other members have requested support and share similar Down syndrome issues?
  6. Would you like to help volunteer or help the Society in any way?
    If "yes", we will contact you to discuss details.
  7. Are you a member of another society?
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Membership Benefits

  • Workshops on topics such as Signing, Behavior, Registered Disability Savings Plans, Wills and Estate planning, Toilet training and Transition planning, see the website for details
  • Ongoing programs such as Speech, Reading and Math, Music Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Bike Camp, Sexuality & Relationship classes, Adult Connections, and Other; see the website for details.
  • Certified Counselor (RCC / CCC) see website for complete details
  • Parent support groups operating in Burnaby, Langley, Surrey and Vancouver, stay tuned for future networking groups outside of the lower mainland.
  • Family Fun Days which are planned community or educational events in the lower mainland that exposes families to activities they may not normally have access to.   The activities are meant to support the family unit, to share in a positive experience and be part of a larger group.
  • Ongoing support of the Youth group and Adults Connect group
  • Host a T21 Awareness Walk to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Week
  • Promote Down Syndrome Awareness Week
  • Summer camp opportunities
  • Dream Riders Bikes for loan
  • School presentations and IEP meetings with parents and educators to help set up programs for students
  • Presentations to other Societies and public awareness events to promote education and awareness
  • Provide information and resources for local college and university students (medical, dental, and healthcare) to help students understand the medical issue faced by families and individuals
  • Provide information and support to educators so they can incorporate proven learning tools in their classrooms
  • Help to support families immigrating to Canada
  • Help to support families in crisis to get services required
  • Support families with subsides to be able to take part in LMDSS programs or other community programs that would benefit individuals with down syndrome
  • Outreach team, which is a group of trained parents, who visit and support families at home and in hospital
  • Our Web site as a source of information and resources
  • A Library of books, movies and music as well as other learning resources which we loan to members
  • Distribution of new-parent packages to families or to hospitals
  • Monthly newsletter to inform and educate members
  • Affiliated with Canadian Down Syndrome Society
  • Work in cooperation with over 52 worldwide organizations relating to Down Syndrome

If you do not live in the lower mainland, and you wonder what the benefits of membership are to you and your family, consider the support, direction or information we provide to you individually.  As well as, access to our extensive library with Down Syndrome specific information.  If you visit the lower mainland we would love to see you at our events!




Health & Education:

Reading and Math Workshop
Date: Oct 2nd – Dec 6, 2018
Days – Tuesdays and Thursdays
Time: 3:40 – 4:40 and 4:40 – 5:40
Location: Office
Cost:10.00 per I hour session
Registration is required.
Email for confirmation.

Community Support:


29th Annual Christmas Party

Date: November 24th,2018

Location – Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club

Details to follow


LMDSS Parent
Networking Groups:

To attend any of the Parent Networking Groups
you must register
either by phone 604-591-2722,
or email at
If you require childcare
you must inform us
at registration.

Topic: Come see the new office
Date: October 4th
Time: 6:30
Location: Office
Cost: Free 

Topic: TBA

Topic: TBA


Topic: TBA


Topic: TBA

Adults Connect (ages 19+)
Event: TBA

Youth Group (10+)
Event: TBA


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